About Counselling

Counselling is a process in which weekly exploration of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours with a trained practitioner can help us make new decisions and changes that enable us to live more resourceful lives.  It is a journey on which we can discover how to communicate our emotions more honestly, and in doing so, relate to others in effective and appropriate ways.  It can provide a window through which we can view things that are normally pushed aside by the pressures of our day to day experiences.

When we become aware of patterns of behaviour that can hold us back in life and gain understanding as to why these patterns are present for us, we can begin to feel more compassionate towards ourselves.  We can feel more fulfilled in our relationships and enjoy a sense of well-being.

Counselling can be a challenging and uncomfortable process, but can also give us significant and lasting rewards.  

I offer brief and long-term therapy in a confidential setting, away from the familiar pace of life.  I offer a relationship in which you can explore yourself and feel listened to.  The time you spend in the counselling setting is time spent on you.  It provides an opportunity to look at past and present challenges in order to gain insight and build resilience to make lasting beneficial changes.  Often we can feel blocked or stuck which can give rise to feelings of helplessness or powerlessness.  Having a sense of being heard and understood can lift those feelings and free up energy:  energy we can use in helpful ways. 



I charge £45.00 per hour for individuals and couples with the option of a session lasting one and a half hours for couples at the rate of £60.00.